Models And Their Most Loved Healthy Smoothies Check Them Out!!

Who doesnt love a healthy smoothie to drink ? So in this case if you were wondering this morning which smoothie to drink we would like to recommend to you few recipes for a healthy smoothie that some of the most sexiest models around the world drink.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley 

“Kale, celery, apple, cucumber and a squeeze of lemon. I make my own juice every day at home. It really makes a difference. I can feel my body – everything’s going to way it should and I then I don’t feel guilty if I don’t get to eat my five a day of vegetables.”


Teresa Palmer

“I do spinach, romaine lettuce, celery, cucumber, one fresh lemon, a handful of mint and then if I’m doing a smoothie as opposed to a juice I’ll do half a banana and half a pear and it’s AH-MAZING! And everything’s organic obviously. It’s so, so delicious. I can even get my six-year-old stepson drinking green juices like that and he’s not a big veggie guy.”


Megan Gale

“My go-to blend is cucumber, green apple, mint, kiwi, spinach and I throw in one or two passionfruit for some extra zing!”


Jessica Hart

“I find green juices a chore to drink. My favourite juice is carrot, beetroot, ginger and apple but I’ll drink it because I really it, not for any other reason.”


Jessica Gomes 

“I blend kale, banana (or blueberries or strawberries), rice milk, protein powder and liquid ionic minerals.”


Rachel Zoe 

“I’m the last remaining person in L.A. that does not exercise or green juice; people drink green juice like they drink water, it’s like the craziest thing. We’re friends with the founders of Pressed Juicery – there’s one that I actually like. I think it’s ‘greens 1.5’. All the kids drink the almond milks – it’s pretty good.”

Maddison Brown

“I love coconut water, spinach, banana, berries and avocado – it makes it really creamy!”

Jennifer Hawkins

“Celery, apple, mint, ginger and a whole lemon.”


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