Diet and fitness of Heidi Klum

When you think of weight loss after pregnancy, Heidi Klum is probably the first thing that comes to mind. She manages a record time to restore the beautiful body after each pregnancy. Half a year ago we witnessed its great return on the catwalk on the catwalk of Victoria’s Secret, where he appeared in the role of hostess just 5 weeks after giving birth to her 4th child.

For most mothers, the first few days after returning from the hospital after birth during time despite resting their babies. But Heidi Klum it is time when it is most active to reclaim the body in shape.


Heidi Klum adheres to a very strict diet when he wants to achieve an ideal weight. The diet was developed by fitness guru David Kirsch and was named New York diet. Thanks to this diet Heidi Klum managed twice to delight the audience with his appearance on the show of Victoria’s Secret in 2005. and 2009. quickly after delivery.

New York diet

New York diet diet for a minimum consumption of calories. Within this diet are imported little carbohydrates and proteins.

Phase 1: During the first phase, which lasts two weeks, you need to say goodbye to many favorite foods rich in carbohydrates.
Forbidden foods: bread, pasta, dairy products, potatoes, rice, fruit, sweet foods and foods high in fat. It is important to stop alcohol consumption.
Permitted food: fish, vegetables, Lean meat, green salad and a protein shake.

It should eat 5 times a day and every 3 hours. Forbidden consumption of food after 7 pm. This means that your diet should begin at 7 am.

One day of the diet of Heidi Klum
07:00 – protein shake (180 calories)
10:00 – omelet 4 egg whites with vegetables
13:00 – broccoli seasoned with a teaspoon of olive oil, chicken without skin and salad
16:00 – 10-12 raw almonds
19:00 – protein shake or a small meal like chili with beans

Phase 2: The second phase lasts for 2 weeks and aims to stabilize new weight. But weight loss continues. The diet includes fruits, dairy products, grains and low fat.

Phase 3: The third phase ideally last a lifetime and is used for weight maintenance. It should be inserted more carbohydrates and fat, but to keep the minimum caloric intake.

Attention: New York diet is a strict diet and is not suitable for everyone.


Heidi Klum’s record in returning to form after pregnancy. Besides diet, the same fitness program Klum is created by David Kirsch.

“We need to increase cardio 45 minutes a day and do various exercises. Alternate running track, cycling and exercising on a stationary elliptical bike.” – David Kirsch

After the birth of her son Henry in September 2005, Heidi it took just two months to return to top form and prodefilira the review of Victoria’s Secret. Then she was training 5 times a week for 90 minutes.

But in the past year after the birth of her fourth child, daughter Lou, Heidi increase their physical activity. To appear again on the catwalk of Victoria’s Secret in November, she trained 2 times a day, and her favorite coach moved to her home.

Klum workout includes 45 minutes of cardio plus exercises with weights and resistance.

“Honestly I do not love exercise, but I do because I know it is good for me, it was because of my work and gives me energy and positive feeling.” – Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum claims that despite her training, which includes yoga, hiking and boxing, form and maintain thanks to the dynamic life and “running” after her 4 children.

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